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Is your company voice consistent?


You have pantone references for your corporate colours, style guides for the use of your logo. But what about some clarity around your “voice”? In this post, I consider why a consistent voice is important and what elements can help you to achieve this.

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When to use capital letters, and when not to


Love them or hate them, capital letters have their purpose. But increasingly, people are using them in the wrong places and as a copywriter, that grates. Whilst some instances are considered subjective, there are certain rules to follow. Does it matter? Well, I think so. It makes your copy far more credible and therefore, effective. Here’s some guidance.

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10 ways to make your business copy more powerful


Your copy often comes before you. Whether on your website, in a sales letter or a brochure, people make assumptions about you (and your business), based on what they read. They assume your competences, your business style and your ability to help them. All before they have even engaged with you. There’s many simple tricks to make a piece of business copy far more powerful – delivering better results for you. Here’s ten that will make a significant difference to the performance of your business.

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Essential tasks before writing your website copy


I write a lot of website copy and quite frankly, there can be more work to do before you start being creative. Think about decorating a room. It’s just the same. The quality of the finish is in the preparation. Your “finish” is a website that engages; and prompts action. So, here’s a list of those essential tasks.

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Is your About Us page a missed opportunity?


Look around the internet and you’ll quickly find many dull About Us pages. Third person timelines of the company growth. Detailed explanations of the organisational structure. If this is you, you’re missing a trick and I’ll explain why.

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Why I hate excessive exclamation marks


You know the type of copy. We’ve all read it. “This is a great special offer! We’re here to help! Call us now!!” Whilst liberal use of exclamation marks can be forgiven in personal emails and social posts, what about business copy? I have a point of view. Read on to hear it.

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6 reasons your copy might not be working


It’s easy to create words to fill the page. It’s much harder to create words that effectively convey your message or prompt action. And in business, that’s what you want to do, right? Here’s a list of the most common problems I see in copy; from my past clients and the wider world.

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How age adds value to a copywriter


There are many things that get better with age. Fine wines, a decent cheese, children. I’d like to add copywriters to that group. In this blog, I’ll explain why there is so much more to gain from hiring an (ahem) older copywriter.

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Should slang have a place in your copy?


Well blimey, that’s a blinding question to answer. A rising trend in business copy, let’s take a look at what slang is and the benefits it might offer your copy - when incorporated in the right way.

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How email nurturing can build your sales funnel


Many businesses intermittently prospect for business when they're not too busy. But your potential new customers might not need your products right now. And then you forget to follow up. The prospect becomes dead again. I want to explain how email nurturing can add value to your reputation and keep in touch until the prospect is ready to buy your product.

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How do you get featured in magazines?


Whilst placing a paid advert in a magazine is always an option, few businesses get involved in editorial opportunities. And yet, they can be more credible and cost less! Have you got plenty to say? Ever asked the question: how do you get featured in magazines? You'll find this post interesting then.

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How to write more engaging content


Like me, you’ll be bombarded. Daily. Whilst you’ll glaze over many emails, websites and social media posts, some will grab your full attention. Ever wondered why? And what you can learn to help your own business? My post shows you how to increase the odds of engaging your reader with your words.

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How often should you update your blog?


You’ll know about blogging. You might even do it. But how often should you be posting to make a difference to your business? I’m going to take a practical look at that question for you in this post.

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Why you shouldn’t let your sales team write your case studies


I want to tell you a story about writing case studies. A client of mine wanted to create some fresh material. Current articles were terribly outdated. And so, they decided to gather their own content from the first customer. After all, it was their customer and they just needed their salesman to ask for a few more details, surely?

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Why good copywriters ask “why?” a lot


We expect toddlers to ask umpteen questions daily (and they do). But what about adults? Shouldn’t they know the answers by now? Turns out, asking questions IS a good tactic when you’re older. And us copywriters are old hands at it. For good reason.

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Why a good story (or two) can grow your business


Do you love a good story? Me too. Many are compelling and memorable. Have you made the most of your customers’ stories? They’re a powerful way to sell yourself – without selling. And right now, there’s a great opportunity to collect them. I’ll explain…

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Why benefits are more compelling than features


There are many techniques to make your message more compelling. One is focusing on benefits instead of features. It’s a simple method, but many people remain confused about the difference. In this post, I’ll break it down and explain how to identify, and communicate, your benefits.

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What my dog teaches me about customer focus


Eh? Stay with me, there’s a clear connection, I promise. But first, I need to tell you a little bit about Margot and the *ahem* addiction we both share. This gets personal.

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Three great copywriting quotes (and what they mean)


I recently came across a fantastic little book called Instant Inspiration for Copywriters, by R. Scott Frothingham. It’s packed with thought-provoking quotes from eminent copywriters. And that’s it!

Many of the quotes tell a much bigger story, so I’ve selected three and given them more context. I hope you find this useful.

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How to start writing great content (and stick at it)


There’s certainly no shortage of content these days. But there is a shortage of good content.

And for many businesses, it’s a little hit and miss when time allows. So, how about creating a focused plan and a productive habit that’ll help your audience like and trust you?

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First or third person: which works best for business?


I hope I’ve not just taken you back to your English lessons. It wasn’t my intention. I try not to get too hung up on jargon – there’s more to life. But this one is worth your attention because it can make a real difference to your business copy. So, I’ll explain in a (hopefully) pain-free way.

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Where will copywriting be in five years?


2020 hampered many things. It also accelerated countless others. Throw it all in the pot and we’re in the middle of rapid change – however you look at it.

So, where does this leave copywriting?

What with video marketing exploding, the march (race) of Artificial Intelligence, and attention spans plummeting, should I just pack my pencils away now?

I don’t think so.

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How (and why) to use questions in your copy


Copywriters LOVE questions. Not just asking them but sprinkling them in copy too.

I want to unpack more about using questions in business copy and provide some tips to make it work for you.

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5 ways to get more eyes on your customer stories


Customer stories are jewels in your marketing armour. They explain, they influence, they build trust. Yet, creating them takes investment and effort. So, be sure to get them in front of as many prospects as possible.

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What’s conversational copy anyway?


Good question. And one I’m going to help you get your head round in this article.

It’s a term increasingly used by marketing teams – even in B2B businesses. That’s because more and more B2Bs are taking down their guard and coming across, well, more human.

Should you?

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5 quick wins to revamp your website copy


Your website is your 24/7 salesperson. Great, we all need one of those. But are they doing their best for you?

Revamping your website copy can feel daunting. Those words aren’t just filling space, they’re motivating people to do something.

It’s never a five-minute job. Not even a five-hour job. So, here are five simple pointers to help you focus your effort.

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How to write email-opening subject lines


Because after all, having your email opened AND read is what you want, isn’t it? If they then DO something, better still.

Research suggests businesspeople receive 121 emails daily. Whatever the figure, it’s a lot.

Will they open every email? Of course not. Do you? That’s why subject lines matter so much. Let’s help yours achieve higher open rates.

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How to get crystal clear on your messaging (before writing another word)


A few months ago, I asked my email community to highlight their biggest wordy challenges. Top of the list was ‘creating a clear message’. So, true to my promise, I created this article to help them (and you) tackle this incredibly common headache.

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How to find more time to write for your business


You’re probably a marketing manager or small business leader. You feel you’re ok at writing your marketing stuff. Never enough hours, though - things get in the way. So, at the end of the month, you STILL haven’t written what you’d planned.

Familiar? This frustration came second in a poll I carried out with my email community. So, here are some ideas to help you carve out time and GET. THAT. THING. WRITTEN.

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Creating customer stories – how to get them to say “yes”


It’s one thing to appreciate the huge value of customer stories. It’s another thing to have them as an active part of your marketing.

Many businesses fail at the first hurdle: getting your customers to say “yes”.

Let’s have a look at this so you feel more confident about the ask. With the right approach, your customers will be delighted to get involved.

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How to make your complex topic easy to understand


Many B2B products appear complex. When you’re on the inside (so to speak) you know what they do and how they help. But how on earth do you get this across to prospective customers?

Plenty of businesses fail to resolve this challenge. And it hampers progress. So, read on to understand how your ‘complex’ can become a clear and engaging message.

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23 ways to use your customer stories


If you’re reading this, you’d probably agree customer stories are worth their weight in gold. Your prospects can more easily connect with a customer’s journey (than a sales pitch). It’s a story they can relate to.

But I don’t want to focus on their worth, I want to highlight how to get more return from your investment. How you can use (and repurpose) customer stories in countless ways to support your sales and marketing team. And your wider business team too.

So, stop dumping customer stories on your website and hoping for the best. Discover how they can work harder and make more impact.

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11 ideas for B2B articles


You’re stuck for article ideas. The cursor’s blinking and you’ve nothing to give. It’s a common (and very unwelcome) scenario.

Let this article come to your aid. It’s my list of ideas to help you fill your content plan. Top tip: bookmark this page.

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How to choose a fantastic eBook topic (that your audience loves)


I don’t have a statistic. But I do know countless eBooks fail to achieve their objective. Maybe it’s 79%. That feels about right. All that time and money for little return. If you’re in marketing, you’ll know what I mean.

So, why do some eBooks go viral while others flop? Good question. I believe it’s down to three things: having the right topic, creating it effectively, and promoting it well.

This article should help you with the first of those: having the right topic. Because, without that, you’re onto a non-starter, however pretty and well-written it is.

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How “customer-centric” content improves your ROI


We’re told that “keeping close to your customer” enables business success. “Understanding them”. “Walking in their shoes”.

This all boils down to another term: customer-centricity. I want to explain (in plain English) why such an approach is great news for creating content that works.

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How to harness thought leadership in your B2B content marketing


Not long ago, B2B thought leadership wasn’t a concept. Instead, suppliers relied on feature lists and pricing to engage with their protective customers. Today, everything’s changed. I look at thought leadership and how it can support your B2B content marketing.

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