8 reasons hiring a copywriter helps even the smallest business grow

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We can all write copy, surely? Granted, that’s one argument. But can we all write copy that engages, copy that motivates, copy that sells? No. And that’s why every business - even the smallest - stands to gain from hiring a copywriter. Let me explain.

1. You can be too close to the product

There are times when a fresh set of eyes can prove extremely beneficial. This is one of them.

Too many times, I’ve talked to businesses that have tied themselves up in knots working out how best to communicate their product or service. And to whom. They often know too much, and therefore make assumptions about what the target audience will already know.

Being too close to your product can be dangerous.

Hire a copywriter and they will look from the outside in, ask the right questions and get to the point. They will consider the story from your customer’s point of view – and that’s what you need to get the message right.

2. There’s no time for that!

It’s a practical reason, but an incredibly common one. If you’re running a small business, when exactly are you supposed to write all this copy? In your sleep? Whilst putting your kids to bed? There’s only so many hours.

Whilst I totally empathise with your challenge, don’t let yourself down by ignoring the need for professional, powerful copy. The answer is to hire a copywriter to fill in those gaps. Go to sleep knowing that the job is in-hand, with the right expertise and commitment.

3. Stand out and command attention

How many of your competitors have copy and content that you admire? You might say one. More likely, you’ll say none. What an opportunity!

Invest in targeted and professionally written copy for your website, your brochure, your newsletter, your editorial. Know that you’re a notch better off than your competition.

Good quality copy can make a small business look bigger, better, more convincing, more relevant, more inviting…ooh, was that the sound of more sales coming in?

You get my point. Great copy can honestly be a USP if you wish.

4. Boring product? No problem!

Everything is exciting to someone. You might not be selling designer watches or luxury yachts, but that’s no reason for dull copy.

Crafted with your target audience in mind and knowing how your products and services can really add value, a professional copywriter can have the words dancing off the page, keeping your reader engaged and interested from start to finish.

5. Get your personality in tune and consistent

Words help to develop your personality; your tone of voice. Yes, words. And so many businesses demonstrate confusion on this point.

Hiring a copywriter will ensure that you refine your tone of voice and deliver it consistently across each medium. Whether it’s formal or relaxed, first person or third person, playful or expert, clarity is powerful.

How to talk (and here, I mean write) to your audience affects their interest, engagement and desire to act. Why on earth would any business not pay attention to that?

6. Draw on years of experience

I wish there was a way of knowing how many words I’d written in my career to date. I can’t, but I know it’s a lot.

The point is, when you’re writing every day, you get pretty good at it. You know how to plan and structure a piece of copy. You know what works, and what doesn’t. We’re all still learning of course; but hire an experienced copywriter and you’re many steps ahead.

7. Different copy for different formats

Web copy is not the same as brochure copy. Editorial copy is not the same as a press release. Each format demands particular attention to make it work well. This is determined by how, where and why the reader is likely to engage with your copy.

As the business owner, or marketing manager, you’d be hard pressed to know the ins and outs of all this. We all have our strengths and thankfully, they’re all different!

8. Build loyalty, grow sales

There are clearly objectives behind every piece of copy that is written. A copywriter will want to know these and will help to make it happen. I’m not saying that anyone can write a piece of copy that will double your sales (though never say never), but writing copy with the objectives in mind will most definitely drive results in the right direction. Again, experience counts.

So, my lasting message to you? Hire a copywriter. Just try it. The difference to your business (and your sanity) will make it entirely worthwhile.

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