5 ways to get more eyes on your customer stories

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Customer stories are jewels in your marketing armour. They explain, they influence, they build trust. Yet, creating them takes investment and effort. So, be sure to get them in front of as many prospects as possible.


The value of your customers’ stories

You’ll notice I’m particular in calling them customer stories, not case studies. That’s because there’s a difference.

It’s the customer’s story – not yours. Granted, your business pops in to lend a hand and get them through their challenge. But it’s their story, in their words.

And this is what your prospective customers value reading. They relate to the scenario and the language your customer uses. It’s like they’re hearing from your customer about this, not you.

The result is something less pushy and more engaging. A story, in fact. And we all love those.

Most importantly, the story will be relevant and valuable for years. This isn’t a one-month marketing wonder. Your challenge is to tell their story as often as you can.

Here are five ways to help you do that.


#1 Tell their stories on your website

Whether it’s one story or ten, tell them on your website. Create a section in your navigation, link to your customer’s website, and use relevant images.

From here you can highlight them in many ways:

  • Across your website from relevant pages
  • In social media posts and marketing emails
  • To prospective customers you’re talking to

This might seem obvious, but so many businesses fail to have their stories set up on their website. That’s why it remains my number one recommendation.


#2 PDFs for your sales team

Not everyone follows a website link, so why not create a series of PDFs from your customer stories too? Either in-house or using a friendly designer, design each story to create an attractive read.

  • Pull out key comments
  • Use relevant images
  • Make use of your brand style

Once they’re done, you’ll wonder why you never did this before. Your salespeople can follow up conversations and meetings with insightful, non-pushy stories to help to build trust and purchase intent.


#3 Talk to trade press

Many editorial teams are crying out for decent guest articles. Of course, they don’t want sales articles, but your customer stories could be right up their street. Many of my clients have had success in this area.

Imagine the impact of telling your customer’s story in your favourite trade magazine, or on their website. Your audience reach multiplies - it’s a sure-fire way to generate more enquiries.

To do this, make a list of your target press, find the right editorial contact, and get in touch. Is it really that simple? Well, yes. They won’t all accept your stories, but unless you ask, you’ll never know.


#4 Create a booklet

When you’ve got a handful of great stories from your customers, collating them in a booklet is incredibly powerful. Yes, it’s further investment, but useful in so many ways.

  • Hand out a printed version at events
  • Create an online booklet to publicise too
  • Keep copies on reception for visitors to pick up

You might also send your booklet of stories to existing customers. This helps to reinforce their loyalty to you as they read about other customers you’re helping. And it might spark new ideas for their needs.


#5 Pair your stories with a video

Some people like to read, others prefer to watch. So, give them both. Once your customer has helped you create their story, it’s a small step to ask them to feature in a video using the same content.

I have clients that do this very effectively. By creating the story first, your customer is focused and briefed. All they do then is chat through it to camera. To finish, it’s down to good editing.

Embed your story video on the relevant web page to give visitors a watch/read choice. You could even create a showreel from various story videos to use in sales presentations and at events.


Bonus idea… grab those brief comments

Within each customer story there’ll be golden comments. The ones where they sum up part of your value in magnificent words. Don’t just leave these embedded in a lengthy story. Grab them for use everywhere.

  • Scatter them across your web copy and literature
  • Highlight them in social media posts with a link to the full story
  • Use them in presentations
  • Pop one into your email signature
  • Add them to event banners and adverts


Customer stories are the classic evergreen asset for every B2B business (and many B2C companies too). EVERY business has some to create – whether you’re a one-man-band or a large organisation.

But don’t stuff them in a drawer and wonder why they’re not helping you. Get out there and shout from the rooftops. You’ll be glad you did.

Need more stories? Talk to me about creating them. From finance software to farm machinery (and beyond) I love getting stuck into a good story or five. And if you think your stories are dull, leave it to me – they never are.

Ping me an email or pick up the phone and let’s chat stories.