10 reasons to use outsourced marketing

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Whether you have marketing resources in-house or not, there are always times when you could do with more. So why would you turn to outsourced marketing to fill the gap? We’ve whittled the answer down to 10 key reasons – there are more should you wish to ask.

  1. Get up to speed with your marketing – fast

Assigning the work to a colleague (who may or may not be equipped to carry it out) or employing another member of staff can take time. Time that you might not have. That big project can quite often come along with a tight deadline and you need someone to pick it up and run with it – but it needs to be someone that knows what they are doing. Outsourced marketing offers skill at your fingertips, just when you need it.

  1. Free up some of your own time

If you’re a smaller company, you might be trying to undertake some marketing yourself. Not only can this be less effective, it takes you away from the all-important task of running your business. Smarter use of your time can be enormously beneficial.

  1. Where’s the risk?

If you don’t like what you’re getting, it’s extremely easy to stop or change direction. With an outsourced marketing resource, there is generally no contract and no commitment to maintain a relationship for a fixed length of time. If it works for you, great. If it doesn’t, it can stop. For this reason, outsourced marketers tend to work very hard at making it work!

  1. Avoid additional employment costs

An extra employee comes along with costs to the business. Have you got the office space? They will need holiday entitlement, pension contributions, perhaps a car, a phone, a computer. All before you know if the extra resource can achieve what the business needs. Outsourced marketing gives you space to breathe, capably dealing with the marketing requirement in the short term and possibly much longer if you are comfortable with the relationship.

  1. Pay only for what you use

When you choose to outsource your marketing, you only pay for what you use. It seems like a simple idea, but a very important one. You don’t have to commit to a monthly retainer (not with Cantaloupe anyway) – you might need to undertake a big project for a couple of months and then do nothing for the next two months. With an outsourced marketing service, this is all perfectly possible and extremely commonplace.

  1. Open up a network of specialist marketing skill

One skilled and experienced marketer tends to know and work with many other specialist marketers. So you might find the answer to all of your marketing skill requirements in one fell swoop.

  1. It’s remarkably good value

With straightforward pricing structures and less overheads than larger marketing companies, outsourced marketing can be a cost effective solution. You can enjoy the benefits of a highly experienced marketer without paying large agency prices.

  1. Tap into experienced marketing brains to help you steer your business forward

Marketers that carry out outsourced marketing are only too happy to help you with your strategic marketing planning. Why not use the skills and experience that is available to you to develop a robust marketing plan?

  1. Enjoy the flexibility and a bespoke approach

No two projects or clients are the same for most marketers that undertake outsourced work. That’s part of the fun. This way forward can craft a bespoke plan of action to entirely suit your budget and your objectives, flexing when required to ensure that you achieve what you need to. For example, some clients might need a team of specialists to undertake a project, whilst others might need one capable comrade. Both are possible with outsourced marketing.

  1. Relax in the knowledge that your marketing is in safe hands

Well we know that our clients do so you could too! At Cantaloupe, we like to harness great relationships with our clients so that the working relationship is productive, friendly and quite frankly, fun. There are enough dull bits in working life and marketing should not be one of them. Choose us for your outsourced marketing and we’ll work hard to demonstrate this.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss your marketing requirements with us.