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B2B Copywriter

You want a B2B copywriter who understands what you do. And you want engaging words that move your dial.

Mission Impossible?


For over 20 years I’ve supported happy clients with my B2B writing. The sectors I've written for have been diverse…

SaaS, software, cybersecurity, technology, timber, construction, manufacturing, surveying, recruitment, learning and development… the list goes on.

What have my clients achieved?

  • Clearer positioning
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Increased leads and sales

When you find the right B2B copywriter and content writer, you streamline your marketing, fall in love with your words, and make more happen.

Ready for your B2B words to achieve more?

Anna is a master of her craft. She puts so much time and effort into understanding your business, the brief you give her and messages you want to get across, then produces first class copy.

- Gary Bell - Nettitude Group -


How I help as your B2B copywriter

These days, I usually help clients ramp up their B2B content marketing. I’m most at home creating long-form assets that shorten your sales funnel and build your brand.

Should you need support elsewhere, please get in touch. After more than two decades as a B2B writer and marketer, I’ve completed countless and varied copywriting projects too.

Customer insight and voice

When you need to understand your audience better, I can help. Your best words depend on having this clarity so it’s a worthy investment when you’re not clear.

Scoping a project to suit your needs, I might interview colleagues and customers. Or give me your customer reviews and see what insight you’ve been missing. Whatever it takes to be clear.

Learn more about my customer insight 

Customer stories

When it comes to B2B, customer stories are powerful assets. Prospective customers welcome reading first-hand stories from those ahead of them.

I’ve created endless customer stories to support B2B content marketing strategies. Many have dramatically moved the dial, generating significant returns for my clients.

Learn more about my customer stories 


Want a library of engaging articles to improve your B2B content marketing? Got experts to interview, or ideas to progress? Let’s do it.

Whether you’re poised with a plan, or overwhelmed by the task, I can help. Let’s ramp up your B2B content with evergreen articles that support your marketing for years to come.

Learn more about my article writing


An ideal lead magnet, eBooks fit perfectly with B2B content marketing. Educating (and motivating) your target audience, help them see how they can achieve their outcome – with you as their guide.

Typically 2,500 words (or more) writing an eBook is not for the faint-hearted. Let me help you bring your idea to life. Hire me as your experienced B2B writer.

Anna was amazing to work with, ‘spot on’ with her content and tone of writing, and immensely accommodating. We were delighted with the end-result.

- Toby Turner - Holtby Turner -

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