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Article writing services are in demand. Why? Because B2B buyers typically consume 13 pieces of content prior to purchasing.

That’s the stark reality confirmed by research company FocusVision. Stark in one way, a fabulous opportunity in another. Your prospective customers want to learn, and by helping them, you win their trust. All before you’ve even spoken to them.

What do you mean by ‘articles’?

You might think of blogs, but it’s much more than that. Engaging articles can provide advice or industry thought to your audience. This could be online (perhaps ranking for specific keywords) or via relevant trade magazines. In-depth downloads and whitepapers are also incredibly valuable, working hard when you’re not there.

If you’re after customer stories, I cover my services on another page.

Saving you hours of pain, I plan and write articles on your behalf. Why not answer questions your buyers ask (a fantastic way to gain attention and build trust), or demonstrate your sector expertise?

Once created, many articles become evergreen content. They’ll generate leads for years to come.

I work from your brief, having conversations with the right people, and researching where necessary. Whether it’s a one-off piece or a series of articles, my writing services will take a weight off your mind and put you in the spotlight.


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How it works: article writing services


We'll first clarify your requirements. I can then confirm my pricing to write your articles. You’ll also understand my availability at this point.

What I need from you

To create a great article, we need to combine two things: your knowledge on the subject, plus my ability to break that down and create an engaging read for your audience. At the outset, I’ll have many questions. I might also need to speak with a colleague, digest written materials, or undertake online research. Whatever you require, it’ll be costed into the overall price. 

Planning and writing

Having gathered the information, I’ll plan and draft your article. We’ll have agreed a rough word count, dependent on the type of resource you’re creating. For example, an article for your blog might be 800 words (or 1,500, if you’re specifically focusing on SEO ranking), whilst a download could be many thousands of words.


My prices always include one set of amends. If there are aspects you want to tweak, that’s fine. I want you to be happy with the end result. Upon approval, you’ll receive the article in a Word document, ready for use.

If you need guidance on how to publish your article, just ask. If required, I can involve a designer to artwork your download and provide a finished PDF.

Typical pricing

As articles vary in size and research required prior to writing, it’s not possible to provide a hard and fast price. But I can indicate some typical scenarios as a guide.

An (up to) 800-word article created from rough content supplied would cost from £190.00 (+VAT). Discovery calls and further research would incur a further charge, based on the time required to complete them.

A long-form (for example, 1,500-2,000-word) document to use as an informative download or optimised blog, would cost from £450.00 (+VAT). Again, calls and research to discover content would be charged additionally.


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Questions you might have

What do you mean by ‘rough content’?

Usually, this comes in written form (your notes, for example, or a previous document), but it could be over a brief call (that I might record). It’ll leave me with one, maybe two sources to draw the main points and ideas from. From your ideas and thoughts, I’ll develop an engaging article.

Should I need to review many documents to extract information, have further calls, or carry out research online, I’ll charge additional time. This will be clear from the outset.

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How long will it take you to write my articles?

Once I have the necessary information, I’ll plan in your project. If you have a particular deadline, let me know. Dependent on my availability, expect to wait a couple of weeks for your draft copy. Larger projects will take longer. Again, it’s something I’ll clarify at the outset.

Short notice projects are possible (dependent on my existing commitments) but I might need to charge a premium to turn it round for you. Please aim to give me as much notice as you can.


What if I don’t like the article you write for me?

This is a rare situation, but it does highlight the importance of providing a clear brief. I can only work from the objectives you provide me with. I cannot mindread (yet).

If you're unsure exactly what you need, don't worry, I'll ask plenty of questions to help you clarify this. Please take the time to check you are clear at this stage!

When you receive your draft article from me, you might have amendments and tweaks to suggest. That’s fine, it’s your article. I allow for one set of amendments in my pricing and always work hard to ensure you’re totally happy with the end result.

Remember: you’re hiring a copywriter to do a job that they’re skilled in. Whilst we always expect tweaks to suit your style, or to clarify points correctly, do respect our ability to write your copy. It’s what you’re paying us for.


Do you offer a discount for writing volume articles?

Writing articles takes time. To write ten articles generally takes ten times longer than writing one. So, whilst there can be opportunities for a discount, it’s not a given.

Talk to me about your budget at the outset. We might be able to tackle the project in a different way, so it fits your requirements.


Do you write blogs?

If you’re looking for a cheap or volume blog writer, you’re not looking for me. If you’re looking for engaging articles that you can post on your blog, I’m happy to help you.


Can you just tidy up the article I’ve written?

‘Tidying up’ someone else’s copy is rather like adjusting a pair of trousers that don’t fit properly. It can take as much time as making them from scratch (yes, I can sew).

Whilst I’m always happy to talk about working from old articles you have, it’s rarely a cheaper option. They can be useful content to draw from, but ‘giving them a bit of a refresh’ is not what I offer.


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