121 learning hour

Need some bespoke copy guidance? I’m all ears.

Transformations happen in my one-to-one sessions. You’ll leave with practical actions and a much clearer idea of how to move forward from where you’re stuck.

One hour, your agenda, my copy brain.

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Who's it for?

You’re likely to be a small business owner or junior marketer. You write your own copy but sometimes struggle to achieve what you want for your business.

You currently need help in a particular area.   

What we’ll cover

That’s entirely up to you. When you book your session, you tell me.

To give you an idea, 121 learning hours have previously covered:

  • Advice when creating web copy
  • How to use stories in copy (and practical structures to use)
  • How to identify your customers’ voice
  • Inspiration for better content ideas
  • How to shape your email nurturing
  • Structuring copy for a brochure or sales document
  • How to make your blog work better

It’s not an exclusive list. This is your agenda and your transformation.

Our 121 was excellent and I was able to implement everything with the help of my web developer. Thank you for the recording to get the most from it.

- Halina Jaroszewska - Leadership Coach -
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What you’ll get

Grab a drink and a notepad. We’ll spend one hour on Teams together, videos on. We can share screens and look online when necessary.

Send me links or documents beforehand, then I'm prepared.

I record the session and send you a link to download it. Watching the replay means you get even more from our time together.

And should I mention any further resources, I’ll email them after our session. 

My fee? £195.00 (+VAT)


How to book

Email me ( and ask to book a 121 LEARNING HOUR

At the same time, tell me what you want to discuss.

We’ll arrange a convenient time and you’ll receive your invoice to pay by return (one day I’ll automate this – promise).

You’ll then receive your Teams link.

We have our session and I follow up with any resources and a link to download the replay.

A few terms, so we're clear

You can rearrange the time of your session if it’s more than 48 hours before. If you don’t attend at our agreed time, I’m unable to offer a refund. If you’re late, the session will be shorter. I’ll be as flexible as I can but please respect my time.

Your recording will be available for you to download for seven days. After that, I'll delete it. It’s your responsibility to download your replay within this time. If Teams fails to record for some reason (never happened) that’s beyond my control. I’ll do all I can to fill in any gaps from our conversation.

I’ll help you as much as I can using my own knowledge and experience. I cannot guarantee to know absolutely everything – I’m only human.

Ready to learn with me?

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