Website creation & management

It’s a sign of the times that your online reputation starts with the search engines – particularly Google. Get it right and you can punch above your weight online. Get it wrong and it can hamper your company image before they’ve even spoken to you. Creating or re-developing a website for your business requires time, thought and knowledge of the process and requirements. Whatever stage you are at, our website management services might just be of help to you.

Many web agencies are ready to leap in, but their method might not achieve your marketing objectives or take you in the right direction. Cantaloupe has worked with a number of different web agencies and project managed both small and really rather large website creation projects, including ecommerce. We can work alongside your own choice of agency or suggest a suitable partner, getting you results and ensuring that you avoid the pitfalls. An experienced and capable intermediary that is entirely on your side and can decode the jargon into plain English.

Once your website is created (perhaps it already is), Cantaloupe's website management services can be a valuable resource to manage and develop it, going forward. Whether adding further landing pages or keeping the news pages and blog up to date, we’re on hand to keep it moving forward for you, at a pace to suit your business. We’ll even get involved in SEO should you require.

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