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Public relations

The press really can be a useful ally if you positively harness and nurture the right relationships in the right areas – whether a few choice contacts or a much wider net. They’re only people after all! But it can also be time-consuming, frustrating and unpredictable when you’re trying to run many aspects of your business.

At Cantaloupe, we can provide you with an ongoing program of outsourced or freelance PR support or work closely with a larger agency for you. Ongoing and regular public relations activities can be an immensely important aspect of your marketing, helping to develop your profile and heighten awareness of your company activities. It’s not however about column inches to us – far better to truly target the most relevant market for your business and get some good quality results that matter.

Let us manage your public relations for you - either in a freelance PR capacity or using an agency resource. We can develop a cohesive and consistent plan of action to suit your industry and budget. Working with you, we’ll establish the correct contacts to make friends with, plan and write the press releases and editorial content required, identify relevant opportunities, talk to the press at every opportunity and bring home the results for your business.

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