Email marketing services

Effective email marketing is not as easy as it looks...

  • 80%1 of marketing emails are never opened
  • 60%2 of marketers admit that their biggest barrier to effective marketing is the quality of their email database

We’ve worked with many email platforms over the years and undertaken all manner of email marketing services. Most importantly, we’ve achieved results.

Email marketing has generally taken over from direct mail. With good reason. It’s cheaper, faster, more interactive and very effective as part of an integrated marketing plan.

Sometimes it can be another touch-point with important customers or prospects. For other businesses, it is an important conversion or sales opportunity. Cantaloupe offers bespoke email marketing services, helping you to develop the plan, the database, the content, email design and run it all for you – or any part of that, should you prefer.

1Content Marketing Institute

2Adestra 2014

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