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Offering a flexible service, Cantaloupe can act as your trusted, outsourced marketing department or get involved on an ad-hoc basis when a particular project or excess workload demands. We’re happy to discuss small projects that marketing agencies might not be that interested in, plus much larger briefs that could require involvement from a number of specialists in our team – we can scale up or down to suit you.

“Our marketing could not be in better hands”

- Managing Director, WJ Group -

We do stick to one fundamental principle though – we only get involved in work that we can do justice to. We want to get you results and if your requirements do not meet our skillset, we’ll try and suggest a better route for you.

There follows a list of the most common areas of marketing that we work within – many of course, often integrating with others. You’ll find us ready and willing to do this effectively for you.

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