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We’re all different; that’s why Cantaloupe is. Putting your bespoke requirements first, I provide you with the outsourced marketing services that you actually need to achieve your objectives - fitting round pegs into round holes.

Outsourced marketing that works for you

There’s no package to buy into; there’s no minimum spend (or maximum for that matter!) Cantaloupe is a capable freelance marketing resource that you’ll find ideal for a specific project or as ongoing help for your business. Crank it up and down as required, marketing support like this is as flexible as you need it to be.

I’m Anna Metcalfe. Cantaloupe is the culmination of more than 20 years of both my employed and self-employed outsourced marketing work. I have a marketing degree, a CIM marketing diploma and retain full membership of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM). Drawing on this highly qualified and experienced core, I can support businesses with freelance marketing, delivering a flexible, grounded and proficient approach.

“You can always rely on her to do the job well; on time, every time.”

- Marketing Manager, Norseland Ltd -

Enjoy the partnership

When you choose outsourced marketing services, consider both the capabilities available and the people that you’ll work with. I’d like to think that I excel in both; packed with heaps of experience, knowledge and resource whilst really rather friendly and decent to work with. My clients have the last word on that of course, and many I would now consider good friends.

Having worked across a varied range of industries - from confectionery, cheese and construction timber to fire safety, hotels and IT – I work directly with businesses on extremely varied marketing briefs in addition to agencies that require specific skills; most notably copywriting.

More about Anna

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At the heart of Cantaloupe is Anna Metcalfe – that’s me! Eagerly leading the way, I possess more than 20 years marketing management experience; gleaned from a combination of employment and freelance marketing. My core marketing qualifications back this up: a food marketing degree, the Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma and of course, full membership of the Institute (MCIM).

I’m a practical, down to earth soul and thoroughly enjoy getting on with the task in hand. Guiding you in the right direction where necessary, my many years of experience have covered every corner of the marketing mix – and more besides.

My Linked In profile offers you the opportunity to read many recommendations from happy clients over the years – the longest of which I worked with for just over 15 years.

When not embroiled in my marketing company, you can find me on a hill with my family or perhaps determinedly attempting to improve my dog agility skills – which have a long way to go before they match my marketing ability.

What’s in the name?

I’d love to give you a great, long winded story about why the company is called Cantaloupe. It would surely add something to the sparkle of it all. But the honest answer is always the best one; I like the fruit and the word is nice to say. Try it. I always smile when I hear myself saying it aloud. As you’ll know, the name is actually not that important, it’s how you market the business that counts and hopefully you’ll let me discuss that possibility for your own “Cantaloupe”.

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